BlueCore Mission

Our mission is to harness the genius found within every client and provide the foundation they need to build thriving businesses. We provide business improvement programs for entrepreneurs. Our specialty is helping business leaders create traction throughout their organization while gaining more time in their personal lives.

We deliver our services through professional training, coaching and consulting and are committed to helping all clients maximize their capabilities, achieve their potential and win the allegiance of their customers, investors and employees.

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photoFounder’s Story

Randall Taussig is an entrepreneur and business improvement specialist who is passionate about helping business leaders break through barriers and get what they want out of their businesses.

He attributes his entrepreneurial journey to his family roots. In 1860 his great-great grandfather started two Washington, D.C. bakeries whose clientele included Abraham Lincoln and the Union Army. The two bakeries eventually combined and grew into a $150 million molasses and sugar refining business (Sucrest Corporation) that produced some well-known products like Grandmas Molasses, a staple for many bakers and a brand still available on the market today.

Grandma's MolassesTaussig joined the family business after graduating from the University of Delaware, working first in finance and then in marketing, sales and operations after earning his M.B.A. He continued to work at the company for over 10 years, helping grow the business both organically and through acquisition, which eventually led to its sale to a larger food conglomerate.

Later, he ran the marketing and sales for a $40M pharmaceutical packaging business, led the marketing and operations for a national trade association and built two consulting practices.

He has extensive experience with the challenges of ramping up sales, sourcing capital and confronting numerous operational issues.

As founder of BlueCore Leadership, he now helps entrepreneurs simplify their business and break through operational barriers. He is passionate about helping business leaders reach their highest potential.

Taussig is also a private pilot who is passionate about flying, with over 1,500 flight hours accumulated both personally and for business.

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