Is Your Vision Shared by All?

Posted on 07. Dec, 2016 by in Leadership

You may have heard the expression: “Vision without execution is hallucination!” Great execution requires everyone to be aligned on where your organization is going and how to get there. The significance of a unified vision is often forgotten or neglected which leads to frustration and misalignment. It starts at the top. What is “vision?” Using […]

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Want More Accountability? Let Go of the Vine!

Posted on 02. Nov, 2016 by in Leadership

Does your organization reek of accountability?  If not, it may be time to look in the mirror.  Absence of accountability begins and ends with you and your leadership team. Is delegation one of your top priorities? There’s a direct correlation between delegating and accountability. If you don’t delegate, you don’t trust and if you don’t […]

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Know When to Take Action and Pull the Chute

Posted on 05. Oct, 2016 by in Leadership

Lesson #17: Leadership Lessons from the Cockpit The Cirrus SR22 is a unique airplane.  It was the first general aviation aircraft to include a parachute…for the plane.  This ingenious technology has saved lives. Regardless of this advanced technology, many pilots have not used it when they could have.  It’s estimated that 125 lives could have […]

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Good Problem Solving Is Like Flying Through the Eye of a Hurricane

Posted on 21. Sep, 2016 by in Leadership

Lesson #16: Leadership Lessons from the Cockpit I often remind my clients that an issue is just that… an issue. In other words, there is nothing they can’t solve. It’s simply that some issues are bigger and more emotionally charged than others. People issues usually top the list of the toughest to take on. Many […]

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Speak One Unified Language

Posted on 07. Sep, 2016 by in Leadership

Lesson #15: Leadership Lessons from the Cockpit I love flying on United Airlines because they often pipe in Air Traffic Control via the channel 9 audio option. I’ll even go so far to say that the quick/rhythmic exchange between controllers and pilots is soothing to me.  I can actually fall into a deep state of […]

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The 5 Disciplines of the “Zen-Master Entrepreneur”

Posted on 24. Aug, 2016 by in Entrepreneurship

The term “Zen-Master” and “Entrepreneur” aren’t usually used in the same sentence. We don’t typically think of entrepreneurs with Zen like qualities. But they do exist, usually exuding an aura of confidence, happiness and prosperity – all seemingly void of conflict and concerns. This may seem counter to what we typically observe, i.e. common sense […]

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When Relying on Instinct Just Isn’t Enough

Posted on 03. Aug, 2016 by in Leadership

Lesson #14: Leadership Lessons from the Cockpit You have probably heard the saying: “fly by the seat of your pants.”  You can actually fly a plane by “feel,” but not when visual references are gone (i.e., flying through clouds). Prior to entering the clouds (IMC), every pilot is taught to reference their instruments and ignore […]

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Define Partner Roles to Help Avoid a Divorce!

Posted on 20. Jul, 2016 by in Leadership

Business ownership can take on many different shapes, and partnerships are a common way to start. But there can be big problems down the road. A few weeks back, one of my clients was kicked out of his own company of 8 years.  He was the CEO and owned 25% share of the business along […]

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Should a Visionary Run Your Company?

Posted on 06. Jul, 2016 by in Leadership

There are two distinct functions within growing organizations that must be managed well: “Visionary” and “Integrator.”  Simply put, the Visionary owns the future of the company while the Integrator owns the present. But too often, the same person is charged with the responsibility of both functions. This can be problematic. At early stages the company […]

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Identify Obstacles BEFORE Takeoff

Posted on 08. Jun, 2016 by in Leadership

Lesson #13: Leadership Lessons from the Cockpit To assure safe flights, pilots need to anticipate and address problems  early so they won’t grow out of control. There’s a common mantra among private pilots: Figure it out on the  ground before launching into the sky. Once you takeoff, there’s no  “pulling to the side of the road” to get […]

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