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Just Say “No” to Achieve Your Vision

Posted on September 7th, 2017 by Randall Taussig

If you’re a typical Entrepreneur, you say yes to lots of things.  This can-do attitude is a big part of what built your success.

In his book, Steal the Show, Michael Port references “yes and…” as a powerful improv technique. It helps performers think on their feet, build confidence and yes, “steal the show.”  This is great advice for performers as well as entrepreneurs!

In business, yes can be just as powerful. But beware of the natural/knee-jerk reaction to always respond affirmatively.

As you build your business, your success breeds more complexity. And with greater complexity, your time and other resources will most likely be pushed to their limits.

This is the time to employ the art of saying NO!

No might as well be a foreign word for most entrepreneurs. It really feels like you’re saying no to opportunity. Ouch – that hurts!

Here’s a first-hand example: My business recently reached a maintenance phase, i.e., hovering at capacity. Growth is no longer the goal – at least for now. I’ve always worked hard to build and continue building. Saying no feels like I’m really communicating that I’m not interested. That couldn’t be further from the truth.

To build some objectivity, I simply remind myself of my company’s vision:

  • Purpose (why we do what we do): Build a valuable company that provides positive impact for clients, employees and community
  • Niche (what we do best): Helping business owners gain traction

If I don’t say no, I’ll soon reach an over capacity status, and my ability to serve my Niche diminishes.  That’s not an option!

You probably have similar challenges. Whether it’s employees that need your attention (because you’re the guy that always fixed it), a great opportunity that you just can’t pass up or simply an enthusiastic business associate who thinks it would be great to collaborate.

Revisit your Vision often and remember to Just Say NO to opportunities that don’t support it!

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