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Take a Break and Call Me in the Morning

Posted on April 4th, 2018 by Randall Taussig
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*As I am taking my own advice and taking a break this week, we thought this previously published blog was worth a repost as a good reminder to all entrepreneurs.

I always looked forward to break-time during my first few jobs – as a dishwasher at Perkins Pancake House and then as an assistant in pool repair and installation. In both cases, the days were long, and time moved at a snail’s pace.

When I started doing more “serious” work – such as starting my own pool maintenance company and then entering the world of finance after college – my need to take breaks gradually diminished and was replaced by the urgency to accomplish more in less time. I started to feel as though I couldn’t afford to step away from my important work.

Time is a precious resource for all entrepreneurs. That’s why it’s hard to unplug.

Taking a break feels like wasting time that could be spent more productively. However, the opposite is true. Stepping away from your work actually makes you much more productive when you return to the task at hand.

You may recall Stephen Covey’s The 7 Habits of Highly Successful People. Published in 1989, it’s an oldie but a goodie, and just as relevant today as it was then. Habit #7, sharpen the saw, reminds us that if we go too long without a break, we’re bound to morph into dull tools – which is not too flattering and certainly not good for business.

As busy professionals, we need regular “clarity breaks” to gain a healthy perspective on our businesses. It’s a way to work “on” your business (i.e., pull your nose away from the grindstone and recharge your batteries) verse “in” your business.

Don’t forget to take some breaks, whether it’s solo time or with your team.  Your business will benefit and so will everyone around you.

So take a break and call me in the morning – it’s just what the doctor ordered!

Clarity breaks are just one of the many tools induced in EOS. To learn more, visit our website at www.BlueCoreLeadership.com.