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Are You Hiring the Right People?

Posted on March 7th, 2018 by Randall Taussig

*With 2018 in full swing you may be looking for new hires to meet your goals for the year. We updated a previously published blog to help provide guidance so you can hire with confidence.

How confident are you with your last few hiring decisions? If your record has been hit or miss, chances are you don’t have a solid process to attract, evaluate and ultimately hire people who are right for your company.

Find the Right People

The first step is to define what “right people” means for your organization.  All business leaders want employees who are committed, driven and hard-working, but finding people who are the right fit for your organization means identifying the unique characteristics of your corporate culture.

One simple rule is to only hire people who possess your company’s core values. And the clearer those values are, the easier it will be to identify the “right people” for your organization and weed out those who don’t belong.

Let’s say your company has the following clearly-stated core values:

  1. Be Humbly Confident
  2. Grow or Die
  3. Help First
  4. Do the Right Thing
  5. Do What You Say


Use these values as the first benchmark for screening potential candidates. When interviewing people, probe and listen closely for any indication that they do (or do not) possess these values.  Also, remember to reach out to their references and ask open-ended questions that lead to your core values. Then trust your gut.

Get Them in the Right Seats

Once you’ve identified who is a good fit for your organization, the next step is to determine if they are equipped to do the job. In his classic book, Good to Great, Jim Collins calls this getting the “right people” on the bus.

A simple way to determine who does and doesn’t fit in the seat is to ask if they GWC™ the role:

  1. Do they Get it?
  2. Do they Want it?
  3. Do have the Capacity and skills to do the job?


Keep it Simple

Hiring well isn’t an easy task, but it can be a simple one. In its purest form, great hiring is simply a matter of applying a process that helps uncover the right people (those who possess your core values) who fit into the right seats (i.e., they get it, want it, and have the capacity to do the job).

This increases productivity and morale, while dramatically reducing employee turnover, allowing you to hire with confidence and consistency. Now that’s a job well done!

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