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What’s a Thermostat Without the Thermometer?

Posted on December 27th, 2017 by Randall Taussig

Your sustained business success may stem from one simple question: Do you perform like a thermometer or a thermostat?

The thermostat takes command of its environment and makes things happen: “You say you need the house cooled to a comfortable 72 degrees? We’ve got this!  Now ‘compressor’ – it’s time to kick in and work as hard as you can. Ok, ‘fan,’ don’t let Mr. Compressor do all the work. You need to blow as hard as you can. You’re both doing great! And don’t worry guys – we just hired some new/fresh ‘refrigerants.’ They may seem cold, but they’re really warm on the inside. And when we reach 72 degrees, you all can take a well needed break, but remember you’re still on call!”

The thermometer on the other hand sits on the sidelines and tells you what’s not working. “Hey! It’s getting hot in here. It’s 76 degrees – now…77…78…79…80! Somebody open the window. For God’s sake, turn on the air-condition…geez! Am I the only one that sees this?”

The truth is… you need both

Monitoring performance is critical. But monitoring without action is pointless. You must utilize both the thermometer and the thermostat to consistently keep your business on track.

The power of the Scorecard

The Scorecard is the perfect tool that enables you to predict critical outcomes and to take action when needed.

Warm Leads is a good example of a predictive measureable category on the Scorecard. Let’s assume that if you average 25 leads per week, you’re pretty confident that you will stay on track to reach your overall revenue goals for the year. As you monitor (thermometer) progress weekly, you may notice a downward trend. If so, you are positioned to investigate the cause (maybe your marketing needs to be bumped up), make the adjustment (thermostat) and get the warm lead count back up to where it belongs.

The Scorecard is just one tool within the EOS process that allows you to stay in front of your business. Visit our website at www.BlueCoreLeadership.com to learn about some of the other tools.