“It’s clear that Randy is effective at helping business owners excel. I highly recommend Randy if you’re seeking a knowledgeable and engaging speaker for your next event!”

— David Belden

Master Chair, Vistage International

“Many speakers are ‘onetrick ponies,’ regurgitating the same presentation over and over. Not Randy. I’ve attended three of his talks and found great (and fresh) value each time. Randy is a gem, with so much greatness to share, and he does so in a way that is engaging, inspiring, and easy to understand and apply. I recommend Randy without hesitation. You’ll get impressive results from a truly remarkable human being.”

— Steve Dorfman

Chief Customer Experience Officer, Driven to Excel

“I had the pleasure of attending two of Randy’s presentations and each time left energized and chock full of new ideas! What impressed me most was how he simplifies the process of running a business. As the CEO/founder of a rapidly growing architectural design-build remodeling firm, I understand how growth breeds complexity. Randy’s methodology has helped us stay focused and more effectively manage our growth. I highly recommend Randy as a speaker and coach for any business owner ready to take their business to the next level!”

— Mina Fies

Founder/CEO, Synergy D&C

“As a business attorney, I was most impressed with Randy’s presentation and took away more than a few important pointers that will help me in my legal practice. It’s clear that Randy is a trusted business advisor whose clients benefit from the combination of strong business judgment, leadership skills, and real world experience that Randy brings to them. Those characteristics were abundantly evident in his presentation.”

— Aaron A. Ghais

Partner at the law firm of Shulman, Rogers, Gandal, Pordy & Ecker,PA.

“Randy is an engaging and absolutely knows his topic. I attended his talk Leadership Lessons from the cockpit. I was impressed with the skill and ease with which he overlaid Leadership skills with the skills and training required to fly a plane. His presentation skills and his ability to connect with the audience are both superb. If you want a great story that imparts Leadership skills in a way that will be long remembered by the audience, hire Randy to speak for your group.”

— Jane Lovas

Business Therapist, Lovas Consulting

“I attended a workshop Randy presented about EOS – the Entrepreneurial Operating System. I was quite impressed with the depth of the material and enjoyed Randy’s natural ability to connect with the audience and show them how to get what they want from their businesses. I was particularly excited because as a commercial banker, I’m always looking for new ways to support my clients and help them succeed. I have recommended Randy and will continue to recommend Randy as a speaker, trainer and coach!”

— Ben Saul

VP - Business Banking, SunTrust Bank, Inc

“I recently attended one of Randy’s presentations and found the content relevant for all business owners who desire to take their business to the next level. I particularly liked his analogy of how leadership lessons learned from the cockpit directly translate to successful business. Randy makes learning fun and I look forward to attending another one of his talks soon! “

— Paul Zambrotta

MBE, CPA Partner, B2B CFO

“As a CPA practicing in a metropolitan Washington area regional firm, I was impressed by Randy’s clear and concise plan to enable growth in a business. This straightforward operating system coupled with a complete set of tools is a winning combination for any business. What I learned will be invaluable in assisting our entrepreneurial clients. If you follow EOS (Entrepreneurial Operating System), you will achieve EOS (Exceptional Organizational Success)!”

— Joel C. Susco

Partner, Bond Beebe, Accountants & Advisors

“Randy Taussig is absolutely wonderful. It was our privilege to have him speak to our employees and our clients. He created many aha moments and provided us with tools that we could use immediately. Randy gets it, and I highly recommend him as a dynamic and engaging speaker.”

— Debbie Vongphakdy

Client Services, Intelligent Office

“Randy Taussig facilitated an outstanding session of the Leadership Breakfast in September. His topic was “Leadership Lessons from the Cockpit” and he used his experience as an aviator to lead a highly interactive session with our group. He highlighted key leadership concepts relating to successful flight and effectively facilitated the group discussion, making this a memorable session for all of our members.”

— Alan Croll

CEO, eknow, Inc.

“Randy is a charismatic yet focused speaker. His attention to detail and method of presenting reflects his many years of being a pilot and an entrepreneur. His educates his audience with compelling stories and information regarding business strategies and successes leave you wanting to stop taking notes and just record his presentations.”

— Mali Phonpadith

Author.Speaker.CEO. Mali Creative

“Randy’s presentation and approach is very engaging and he articulates very effectively the factors that differentiate his business and approach, and the value proposition for his clients. I came away from the presentation with a better appreciation of Randy’s business and client service model and a much broader understanding of how his services can benefit potential clients.”

— Riyad M. Said

Vice President - Investment Officer, Wells Fargo Advisors, LLC